The swimming facilities consist of a Main pool, kiddie pool, pool deck, a clubhouse, pavilionand picnic ‘Quail’s Grove’.

Fun Facts: ♦  The pool complex is over 216,000 gallons ♦ Depth of the main pool ranges from 3 ft. to 12 ft. and the kiddie pool is 1 ft. deep ♦ The main pool has three sections — six 25 meter racing lanes, a 3 ft. soaking wing, and a diving well ♦ The diving well features a 3 meter and a 1 meter diving board ♦ The pool deck is 9,000 SF and features a mixture of sun and shaded areas ♦ Lifeguards on duty during swimming hours ♦ The Clubhouse contains bathhouses, a guard shack, and snack bar ♦ The Pavilion is always available for events and overlooks the deep end of the pool and tennis courts ♦ The ‘Quail’s Grove’ is a shaded picnic area developed in 2020 that overlooks the entire pool from a raised wooded area and is available for events. ♦ A gas grill and numerous picnic tables are available