Quail Valley’s leadership exists to serve our members and oversees Club operations. Board members are elected to three-year terms and serve on a volunteer basis. If you have questions regarding the Club or your membership, please contact the appropriate board member below.

Joseph Barkevich – President
Chad Hardaway  Vice President
Meredith Keane – Secretary/Treasurer

Hope Ford – Membership Coordinator
Jennifer Barkevich – Swim Team Coordinator
Stacy Budzichowski – Tennis Coordinator
Tiffany Kohn – Member-At-Large/Social Coordinator

Tennis Pros:
Dainyell Fox
Judit Trunkos

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in finding out about the requirements of a leadership position or volunteering in one of the many capacities in which the Club needs assistance, please contact one of the board members. We have ongoing volunteer positions to fill in areas such as special event planning, membership recruitment, and pool/tennis court/grounds maintenance.



Quail Valley Swim & Racquet Club Rules and Regulations

For the review of our members, here are the Club’s General / Pool Operation Rules & Regulations:

Quail Valley Swim & Racquet Club Rules and Regulations