Pool to Open Saturday, May 23rd


Quail Valley Swim & Racquet Club Pool to Open on Saturday, May 23

With Social Distancing & Sanitizing Protocols!


Governor McMaster has announced that pools in South Carolina can re-open. In addition,

DHEC has provided operational guidelines that we will be following to facilitate social distancing and sanitary conditions. We have formulated a game plan that is in accordance with these guidelines in an attempt to give members access to our great pool while keeping members, guests and staff as safe as possible.


The protocols described below will be evaluated every two weeks, and will be adjusted as needed to reflect any evolution in the status quo. This is uncharted territory, and we are eager to make all the right choices as things evolve. With luck, protocols that seem restrictive now will be loosened if the presence of disease in our community diminishes.



COVID-19 does not survive in chlorinated water, so it is not considered a water-borne illness. However, DHEC has specified limitations for use based on size of pool and deck space. It has been determined that 100 people (including staff and patrons) can be present in the pool area safely (including pool, pool deck, pavilion, grass picnic area, and kiddie pool area) if they follow personal social distancing from non-family members.


Block Scheduling

To ensure that we have no more than 100 bathers at the pool at a time, we are starting the season with block scheduling of pool attendance. Booking slots will be 3 hour 45 minutes in length. In this manner, we can accommodate up to 200 swimmers daily. At the end of each block, the pool and deck will be cleared of all members and guests, and all member-used surfaces will be sprayed and wiped down with a commercial grade sanitizer. This process will include:


·         All tables, the only tables that will available will be picnic benches and the large round tables with umbrellas, which will be available per the usual first come, first serve basis.

·         All railings and ladders above water.

·         Bathrooms (vanities, toilets, faucets, doors, chairs, etc).

·         Guard shack counters.

·         Water fountains.

·         Fence gates.

·         Etc.


** In and abundance of caution, we will be removing the existing loungers, chairs, and small tables and pool guests will be required to bring their own chairs and loungers to prevent cross contamination.  The bleachers will also be blocked off as well.**


You may schedule your pool booking up to two days in advance, and you will be limited to one booking per day. You may schedule additional blocks on the same day ONLY if there are openings at the start of that block time. The schedule blocks will be:


·         12:00 pm to 3:45 pm

·         4:15 pm to 8:00 pm


We will send out more information on booking your reservations

next week. Stay tuned!!!


Need to Renew?

If you call to book a swim block and you have NOT renewed your membership, your reservation will be flagged, and you may indicate your plans to renew (for example, you are planning to renew online prior to attending, or will be bringing a cash or check with you to your swim block). We encourage everyone to renew online to reduce contact exposure. You can renew by clicking here: RENEW NOW!



Sign In Procedure

There will be a staff member at the entrance desk at all times to sign members in “touch free”. You will tell the staff member your information and they will log it for you. There will be a line 6′ back from the staff member. You may have to speak loudly. The gate to enter and exit the pool will be always open so that you will not have to push it open.



At least initially, we will not be selling concessions. This will minimize shared contact of surfaces. Please feel free to bring a cooler! At least initially, the microwave ang grill will NOT be available for member use.


Balls, Toys, Noodles, Floats

Initially as well, we will be prohibiting all toys, balls, floats and noodles. That’s just initially!!


Pool Parties

We will not be booking any pool parties. At least initially. (Remember, everything will be re-evaluated EVERY TWO WEEKS).


Swim Team

There will be swim team practice in the mornings and the pool is working on an inter-squad swim meet format.  More information to come!


New Pool Manager

Drew Hogan is our new, dedicated pool manager and will be working with the Quail Valley board and members to ensure proper cleaning and sanitization protocols are followed and maintained.  We are currently working on a plan to have dedicated cleaning personnel on duty during pool hours.   More information to come!







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